Charmante houten woningen, de toekomst van energiezuinig bouwen?

Sustainable building, energy performance, low-energy houses: we can't ignore it anymore. Wood is an extraordinary material. It is beautiful, has a warm and cosy appearance and is light and strong for construction applications. Moreover, wood is a renewable and energy-efficient material.

Calendar icon22 April 2013

Why wood?

Wood is a light material with excellent load-bearing capacity and thermal properties. That is why more and more architects are opting for wooden cladding, with a contemporary and natural look.

But rustic houses are also very stylish, just think of the charming American houses or the wooden houses in Scandinavia or the Alps that continue to enchant us. Even though the weather conditions in these parts can sometimes be extreme, log houses can withstand this: the average lifespan of a log house is very high, between 80 and 100 years.

But also inside, wood has a variety of applications. Just think of beautiful wooden floors that give extra cachet to both austere and modern as well as rural or classic interiors. The same goes for wooden furniture and also wooden wall and ceiling coverings are on the rise again. And we haven't even mentioned the authentic charm of a crackling fire!


Wooden houses are healthy

Due to its good moisture-regulating properties, a wooden house has a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. The humidity in the house remains balanced, reducing the risk of infections, house dust mites, fungi, bacteria and viruses. In addition, wood has a natural, calm appearance, which creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house and is less susceptible to stress.


Wooden houses are energy efficient

Did you know that wood is an excellent insulator? Even with thinner walls you will lose less heat, which keeps the energy bill of your house low. That's why wood is a perfect solution for a low-energy house with a high energy performance.

But that's not all. Wood is also a durable material with a low ecological footprint. After all, wood stores carbon dioxide and thus contributes to lower CO2 emissions.


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