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Selling a house can involve a lot of headaches. At Quares we will relieve you of this worry from A to Z. Our estate agents are happy to actively use their experience, their extensive network and their expertise and knowledge of the market to sell your house or apartment successfully and at the best market price.

  • one real estate agent to follow up the entire sale
  • stress-free sales
  • local brokers with years of experience

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Siham Rahmuni - CEO Quares Group



Selling a house without a real estate agent, why not? Especially with all the possibilities the internet has to offer, it seems an attractive option. Moreover, you would save the limited costs of the real estate agent. But remember that as a seller you are obliged to comply with a lot of legal and administrative obligations. As experts, we are familiar with this and will be happy to relieve you of any worries in this process. Moreover, potential buyers are more relaxed when the owner is not present at a first visit and our real estate agents can maximize your sale thanks to their negotiation techniques. In addition, you only owe the broker's fee once the transaction has been successfully completed. We guarantee you a quick sale at the best price for your property.
The brokerage fee - The brokerage fee only becomes payable after we have found a buyer for your property and a binding sales agreement has been signed. The brokerage fee is a percentage of the actual sale price. The brokerage fee for this sale mediation is 3% (excl. VAT) on the sale price. Certificates - When you sell a property, you are required to submit several certificates to the prospective buyer. For example, there is the energy performance certificate or the EPC, an inspection certificate of the electrical installation, certificates of the trustee for co-ownership apartments, ... Quares can take care of the delivery of these certificates for you.
You certainly don't have to redecorate all the rooms before your property goes on sale. Nevertheless, a lick of paint can often make all the difference. Pleasant fragrances make your property even more cosy. In addition, cleanliness and tidiness are crucial during a visit. It is better to remove things that you no longer need after your move. Less is more! Quares can give you practical guidance in this respect.
All visits are accompanied by a Quares real estate agent. If we have the key and/or the code of your property, your presence is not required. Moreover, a buyer will be more relaxed when you, as a seller, are not present. Our estate agent will then be able to have an open conversation with the prospective buyer, which can only promote the sale.

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