Quares stands guarantee for a personalized, exclusive and stress free service when selling or letting quality properties.

You can expect a great deal from our service and support.  We will be delighted to bring our experience, extensive network, expertise and knowledge of the market to bear in order to sell or let your property at the best market price.

Free appraisal


Your personal estate agent

You are assigned one contact person who will keep you up to date at all times and answer all your questions. All Quares staff are specifically selected for their qualities. They know the market inside and out, are graduates of higher education (with degrees in law, applied economics or a specialization in real estate) and have the qualities needed to position your property optimally.

An extensive database of contacts

Quares acts as a matchmaker between people who want to sell their house and people in search of a new home. Our estate agents and our contacts database make sure that this process runs ever so smoothly. We also give advance notice to all interested candidates from our extensive database. This is an additional efficient way to find a suitable buyer or tenant for your property. Experience has shown that a large portion of buyers comes from our own database.

An owner’s login

As a property expert, we are well aware that you want to be able to check the state of affairs in your file at all times. And you can do that with the owner’s login, which gives you access to your personal file round the clock, year round. You get an instant overview of the actions for your property, the agenda with visits and feedback that your personal estate agent gets from prospective buyers.

A distinctive marketing mix for your property

Quares has powerful marketing instruments with a proven track record. From a professional photographer, to brochures and adverts and on to presentations of the most visited real estate websites and to our own website (which gets up to 1000 visits per day, with 3D displays, Matterport and drone images). Your property is bound to catch a buyer’s eye. aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.

A market compliant pricing

Our estate agents know the market through and through. Their knowledge and experience are the most important ingredients for determining the best market price for your property.

A complete file

We start immediately with the layout of your file, in consultation with your notary. We ask for the necessary certificates, obtain cadastral information, etc.



Selling a house without a real estate agent, why not? Especially with all the possibilities the internet has to offer, it seems an attractive option. Moreover, you would save the limited costs of the real estate agent. But remember that as a seller you are obliged to comply with a lot of legal and administrative obligations. As experts, we are familiar with this and will be happy to relieve you of any worries in this process. Moreover, potential buyers are more relaxed when the owner is not present at a first visit and our real estate agents can maximize your sale thanks to their negotiation techniques. In addition, you only owe the broker's fee once the transaction has been successfully completed. We guarantee you a quick sale at the best price for your property.
The brokerage fee - The brokerage fee only becomes payable after we have found a buyer for your property and a binding sales agreement has been signed. The brokerage fee is a percentage of the actual sale price. The brokerage fee for this sale mediation is 3% (excl. VAT) on the sale price. Certificates - When you sell a property, you are required to submit several certificates to the prospective buyer. For example, there is the energy performance certificate or the EPC, an inspection certificate of the electrical installation, certificates of the trustee for co-ownership apartments, ... Quares can take care of the delivery of these certificates for you.
You certainly don't have to redecorate all the rooms before your property goes on sale. Nevertheless, a lick of paint can often make all the difference. Pleasant fragrances make your property even more cosy. In addition, cleanliness and tidiness are crucial during a visit. It is better to remove things that you no longer need after your move. Less is more! Quares can give you practical guidance in this respect.
All visits are accompanied by a Quares real estate agent. If we have the key and/or the code of your property, your presence is not required. Moreover, a buyer will be more relaxed when you, as a seller, are not present. Our estate agent will then be able to have an open conversation with the prospective buyer, which can only promote the sale.
The course of your cooperation with Quares
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