Buying your own house is a major step. Not only is it a serious investment, but when it comes to your future home, the last thing you need is hidden snags. To leave nothing to chance, it is best to call on the services of a professional real estate agent. He will give you advice, guide you through complex legislation, and help you find your perfect dream home. There are however real estate agents who do not have the best intentions. So how do you recognize a professional real estate agent?

Calendar icon21 November 2013

A professional real estate agent is first of all accredited by theBeroepsinstituut van Vastgoedmakelaars [BIV] (Institute of Professional Real Estate Agents). Only real estate agents who meet the requirements of the BIV may practice the profession officially.  You can check easily on the BIV website whether a real estate agent is accredited and sufficiently trained. In this way, you know for certain that you are not dealing with a fake estate agent.

Other factors that you should take into account when looking for a professional real estate agent include the size of his clientele and how up to date his website is. A professional real estate Agent  shows with the combination of both that he does his job more than adequately.  He will also often endeavour for a personal acquaintance to get to know your wishes and preferences. A fake agent will not take the time to do this.

Finally, a professional real estate agent has a reputation to live up to and always strives to keep his customers satisfied. Customer testimonials are often featured on the website, so that new customers can be perfectly aware who they are dealing with.



A real estate agent brings the right buyer and the  right seller together. He gives advice, defends your interests and guides you through the complicated real estate process – or he should.  Unfortunately, there are all sorts of fake estate agents who are thinking primarily of their own interests. This can be avoided by dealing with a professional estate agent – because you deserve your dream home.

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