Je woning tijdelijk verhuren: wat zijn de voordelen?

You are going to travel for a few months or have to go abroad for a few months for work. Nice, but what do you do with your house for sale? Can you temporarily rent out your house? And what are the legal requirements? An overview...

Calendar icon16 May 2013

Are you abroad for a few months or maybe even a few years? Then you can temporarily sublet your house, with furniture. If you are only away for a few months, you can draw up a rental agreement for a fixed term.

If you are away from home for a longer period of time, it is better to let your home with a permanent lease. If the tenant establishes his main residence in your home, then the Housing Rental Act applies, even if you live abroad as a home owner. In concrete terms, this means that both parties must sign a written tenancy agreement stating the rent and charges. In addition, a rent guarantee of up to two months must be deposited in an individual account in the tenant's name. A description of the location and registration of the tenancy agreement are also required.

On your return to Belgium, you can terminate the tenancy agreement at any time in order to occupy the property yourself. However, you must observe a notice period of six months.

How do I find temporary tenants?

How do you find a temporary tenant? Guest lecturers at the university, temporary expats working in large companies, (foreign) students: there are often enough people looking for temporary accommodation, but how do you find them? A call via Facebook, contacting the housing service of the local college, posting a message on houses, real estate websites or an advert in the Streekkrant can often work wonders!

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